Distribution Warehouse

Location: Dublin 15
Architect: -
Client: McArdle & Skeath
Main Contractor:


Large warehouse in north county Dublin.

The Challenge

To efficiently and quickly drain this large roof area to the exterior of the building as there was no underground pipework, within the footprint of the building.

The Solution

Siphonic drainage was ideally suited to this building as small bore pipework could be laid completely horizontal over a long distance without intruding on internal racking space. Horizontal Siphonic pipework is also easier to coordinate with other services


RTC designed, supplied and installed Siphonic drainage system to this large distribution Centre
A total roof area of 11500m2 is drained at a high velocity to handle a rainfall intensity of 159mm/hr. Only 30 Siphonic roof outlets and 8 downpipes were required to provide a fully functional Siphonic drainage system. The design of the system eliminated the requirement of any underground drainage within the footprint of the building.