MSD Biotech

Location: Dublin
Architect: Jacobs Engineering & PM Group
Client: €1,200,000.00
Main Contractor: Roadbridge; SIAC


In August 2018 RTC were approached by a large multinational Pharmaceutical company that were refurbishing and extending an existing plant. We were tasked with designing a Process Waste Lift Station & a Biowaste Collection Vessel for this project.

Process Waste Lift Station:
The scope of this piece of equipment was to include 1 no 80,000L working
capacity, complete with the following components:
- 2 no Vertical Sump Pumps
- Sight Glass
- Process Lights

Biowaste Collection Vessel: The scope of this piece was to include 1 no 20,000L working capacity, complete with the following components:
- Transfer Pump
- Spray-ball
- Sight Glass
- Process Light

The Challenge

The main challenge with this project was the physical size of the Process waste Tank. Richmond Trading Company have a growing range of Stainless-Steel Tanks for storing & handling hazardous waste from Pharmaceutical factory processing, but never has one been fabricated of this size. Our manufacturers are certified to quality standard ISO9001:2008, to ISO18001 Certification, to environmental standard ISO14000, are members of FACTA, and are a Link-Up supplier. RTC assisted with design process to ensure that the client received a product that was exactly to their specification. With the high quality of standards that our manufacturing partners work to, we were confident that we would succeed in fabrication.

The Solution

The two tanks were manufactured with grade 316 Stainless Steel with a pickled and passivated finish all in accordance with Design code EN1090. All components were fitted to tank in our manufacturing facility for Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) by the client prior to delivery to site.


Initial bid was for both tanks was tendered to client and after tight negotiations we were awarded contract to produce both tanks simultaneously. Following meetings with clients to define exact requirements for tanks, we designed two tanks to the following criteria which were agreed by the client.

The Process Waste Tank had an operating capacity of 80,000L but had an overall volume of 105,000L. This included nozzle flanges as per client requirements, manways for safe entry/exit to tank, and additional items as per scope.

The Biowaste tank had an operating capacity of 20,000L but an overall volume of 31,000L. This tank had 21 no nozzles of various sizes as per client requests, Dip-pipes & J-Tubes, and additional items as per scope.

Pumps for both tanks were sourced & supplied by RTC with all necessary documentation as per clients requirements.

RTC offered a full 3D model of both vessels as per client requirements. We included for the following certification & testing which was over and above client requirements:
- Material Certification
- Hydrostatic Testing
- Dye pen Testing
- Passivation Certification
- Stress analysis of lifting lugs
- Stress analysis of nozzle vertical loading

Both Tanks were supplied with O&M Manuals with fully traceable:
- Material Certificates
- Weld Logs
- Weld Certificates
- PQRs
- Coded Weld Certification
- Certificates of Compliance
- NDR reports

Both tanks were manufactured ahead of schedule and successfully passed FAT. They were stored at our facility until client was ready to take delivery. We organised specialist haulage contractors to transport these vessels (under Garda escort) during the night to minimise disruption to other road users, and also to ensure a safe delivery to site.