MSD Biotech

Location: Swords, Co. Dublin.
Architect: Jacobs Engineering & PM Group
Main Contractor: Roadbridge; Jones Group; SIAC; LS Structures
Client: MSD
Contract Value: €1,200,000.00

Pharmaceutical company, MSD, has developed a new biotechnology facility in Swords, Co Dublin. The facility has been constructed on a pre-existing MSD-owned property, the site of its former facility in Swords. The new facility will play a pivotal role in the manufacture of MSD’s biologics-based medicines, including in the area of immuno-oncology, and will expand MSD’s current internal network of biologics drug substance manufacturing plants.

RTC were contracted to design, supply and install double contained polypropylene chambers, pump stations, pipework, stainless-steel gullies and stainless-steel channels across all areas of the new build. In this instance chambers and pump stations are being manufactured off site. These chambers and pump stations come with the required piping and equipment internals, tested and pre shuttered. This makes them very appealing to contractors as they can be easily dropped into position and set into concrete. Associated pipework is easily joined from one chamber to the next.

We have also supplied stainless steel floor drains and installed gravity rainwater systems to this project.