Royal College of Surgeons

Location: York Street, Dublin
Architect: Henry J Lyons
Main Contractor: Bennett Construction
Client: Royal College of Surgeons Ireland
Contract Value: €150,000.00

This award-winning new Academic and Education Building comprises state of the art surgical and clinical training suites, mock operating theatre, clinical training wards, a 540-seat auditorium, a library spanning three floors with 500 study spaces, a sports hall with fitness and catering facilities all in an impressive 12,000m² 5-storey over basement city centre development.

The project required a mixture of rainwater drainage systems and products consisting of some feature external Alucast PPC Aluminium gutters and gravity downpipes from smaller roof overruns discharging onto main roof levels for collection in internal HDPE siphonic drainage systems from the main roof areas. Additionally, there is some traditional gravity drainage collection from ground level. Ultimately all rainwater is directed through a bespoke HDPE header pipe at basement level feeding a filtered rainwater harvesting system and providing a bypass facility to attenuation. All internal pipework was insulated to provide thermal and acoustic protection.