Stainless Steel Tanks

RTC have a growing range of stainless-steel process waste tanks for storing and handling hazardous waste from pharmaceutical factory processing. These specialised tanks can also be designed and manufactured for the food production or beverage industries. We can assist with the design process to ensure that the client receives a product that is exactly to the required specification.

Our core range of tanks include:

  • Process Waste Tanks
  • Bio Waste Tanks
  • Containment Tanks
  • Splitter Tanks
  • Stainless Steel Neutralization Tanks

Our Project Process

1. Design Stage

  • Full Design Assistance
  • 3D Modelling to Support BIM
  • 3D Models of the tanks can be supplied in the following formats:
    • SAT
    • REVIT
    • IFC
    • CAD
    • SolidWorks

2. Manufacturing Stage

  • All components Laser Cut
  • All Welds Dye-Pen Tested
  • Hydrostatic Testing

3. Certification/Handover Stage

All Process Waste Tanks are supplied with O&M Manuals with fully traceable:

  • Material Certificates
  • Weld Logs
  • Weld Certificates
  • PQRs
  • Coded Weld Certification
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • NDR reports

Our stainless-steel tanks are manufactured in Ireland. RTC's manufacturer is certified to quality standard ISO9001:2008, to ISO18001 Certification, to environmental standard ISO14000, are members of FACTA, and are a Link-Up supplier.

Our current manufacturing service is second to none for small to large industry use including wastewater, pharmaceutical, food, dairy and beverage industries. The in-house capabilities of laser cutting, brake pressing, pipe bending, bead blasting and electropolishing ensures all types of custom fabrication can be supplied.

For specific design solutions contact RTC, we will design and manufacture a bespoke product to meet your requirements.

Stainless steel tank